Silk Viscose Pillow Cover with Embroidered Indian Tear Drop Motif

Tamarind Living

Design: Embroidered Indian tear drop motif in Sapphire blue silk viscose make up this classic pattern against black for a dramatic contrast. This pillow cover features surged, double stitched seams and invisible bottom zipper for durability and tailored finish.

Textile Origin: What is now referred to as a "paisley" or a "tear drop" pattern, this motif can be dated back to ancient times of Babylon when this symbol represented the shoot of the date palm, regarded as the Tree of Life, providing its culture with all the necessities of shelter, food, water and clothing. This motif ornamenting a number of surfaces from clothing to architecture developed over centuries with its most distinct origin in Persia. Adopted by the West in the 18th century, these classic motifs while adapted over time, represent an appreciation of nature and the eternity of life.

Product Details:

  • Available Size (width x length): 18" x 18" / 45 x 45 cm
  • Material: Silk Viscose
  • Closure: Hidden Bottom Zipper
  • Color and Pattern: Indian Tear Drop
  • Country of Textile Origin: India
  • Style: Traditional, Resort
  • Room Use: Living Room, Bedroom
  • Washing Care: Dry Clean
  • Insert is Not Included


Accepted within 30 days of purchase.









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